Introduction to Transformational NLP

Come experience for yourself the science, art & heart of change in this lively, interactive event

Transformational NLP is the study of human experience: how we got in the pickles we find ourselves in, how we get out of them, and how we have the happiness, self-respect, and wonderful lives we are seeking.

At the point when people have exhausted other modalities and have gotten as far as willpower will get them, this is when they often encounter Transformational NLP.


Transformational NLP is a toolkit and skillset that gives us the ability to discover and change our programmed thoughts and behaviors, helping us to have work-lives, love-lives, and life-lives that are more satisfying, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

Because it is a modality that allows you to change precisely what you want to change and experience what you want to experience in your life, what our students create via our curriculum varies. Some students:

  • Profoundly level-up in how they communicate, manage, and lead — at work, with clients and teams, with partners, and with family
  • Start on new career paths, with greater levels of competence and confidence
  • Get into new, healthy relationships or revitalize current ones — and learn the skills to make not-so-great ones so much more workable
  • Develop deep self-regard after a life-time of far too little

All of our students report — from the Introduction to Transformational NLP all the way into the classroom — that their time learning Transformational NLP is a truly life-changing experience.

We invite you to come experience it for yourself!

Here's a bit about what you will experience during this fun, introductory event:

The unique modality for healing and change that is Transformational NLP, which is only offered in one place in the world, here on the "campus" of NLP Marin.

Exercises in which you can try out Transformational NLP for yourself, so you can experience how Transformational NLP can be so effective in bringing about lasting change in your personal and professional life (without having to try harder, overcome anything, or "think positive").

Meet our Master Trainers, Carl Buchheit and Carla Camou, co-founders of Transformational NLP and who lead most of our courses. In more of a fireside chat kind of a setup, you'll have the relatively rare opportunity to learn directly from and ask questions of these true masters, who collectively have over 75 years of experience in Transformational NLP.

Get an up-close look at the tools and technology that form the foundation of NLP Marin's in-depth curriculum, and try out a few for yourself. Our multi-faceted curriculum allows our graduates to develop a remarkable relationship with themselves, others, and life itself while becoming incomparable in their fields.

Get a sense of our unique learning environment, designed so that each student experiences a deep level of respect, ease, and belonging as they journey through our courses.

Get the behind-the-curtain view on how the process of change really works: what makes it hard for things to change, and what makes change profoundly easier.

Witness a live demonstration of a Transformational NLP session (or even volunteer for it), so you can see in action everything you've been walking and talking through in the Introduction.

“Meet” a few of our upcoming classes if you are inspired to go further into Transformational NLP.

This Introduction to Transformational NLP is specially designed for:

Coaches, therapists, bodyworkers, doctors, and healers, looking for a toolbox to augment your capacity to affect change in others’ lives (including your own), and a toolbox that does not conflict with any other modality or training you have done to date.

Working professionals, managers, directors, and leaders who understand the power that effective communication has in the workplace and would like to learn a toolkit to positively affect your experience with your work and in relationship to others at work.

Entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to increase your effectiveness in the context of building your business, inspiring and enrolling like-minded people to work together, and being a model for the vision you hold for the world.

Life-long learners who aspire to reach for great things in life, would like to have access to the relief-giving “manual for being human,” and want to experience more happiness, peace, and joy on your personal and spiritual growth journey.

And those who are open to being inspired into starting a part-time or full-time practice offering Transformational NLP sessions!

“This training works with grace and effortlessness, as it subtly transforms the landscape of life.”

Maurice W. Burrell Jr.

“This not only helped me grow as a person and create healthy change in my life, but it also taught me ways to help other people grow and change, too. If you’re looking for big breakthroughs in your life, take these trainings.”

Peter Touchard

Transformational NLP Practitioner

“NLP Marin is unlike any other transformational organization I have attended. There is real heart, real caring, and real love for your students. You really want your students to have what they truly want. Good work!”

Elizabeth Cruz

Founder of Dauntless Men

We invite you to come join us and:

• Discover a delightfully new way to understand and make sense of your experience of being human

• Illuminate how it is your current relationships and results in life have unfolded the way they have

• Learn why Transformational NLP works at such deep levels, especially the ways it is applied at NLP Marin

• Hear what current and former NLP Marin students and graduates say about their learning experience

• Get started with changing the trajectory of your life, and prepare yourself for the art of enduring happiness!

2024 Dates and Times

Thursday, May 16
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific time, USA
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Thursday, June 6
6:30 - 9:00 PM Pacific time, USA
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Live via Zoom


Have Questions?

Book a 30 Minute Enrollment Conversation with our Director of Enrollment, Jaimie Nguyen, who has taken every class NLP Marin offers herself.

Together, you’ll go over any questions you may have.

We look forward to meeting you.

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