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We’re here to walk with you on this journey called “being human” as you seek to elevate how you experience life, others, your work, and the world around you.

Transformational NLP:
The Science, Art & Heart of Change

Appreciating where you are
Honoring how you got here
Loving where you’re going



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What Students Are Saying

"The combination of classes and my sessions with Carl truly helped me to let go of holding onto suffering and fear and to realize and see that I am already free and safe just as I am. To rest in the peace and joy of not having to do or fix anything and to just allow myself to be just as I am, and to feel REALLY good about that!"

Kim Hagan

"The instructors, staff, and volunteers give a gift that has improved my vocation, relationships, community, and world. Mostly NLP Marin has given me the tools, resources, and happiness that has improved myself beyond anything I could imagine."

Dave Conley

"NLP Marin has taken my understanding of human awareness and possibilities to a whole new level. Not only have I changed my old patterns and stuckness, I have also become much more connected, and compassionate with myself. It feels good not to be hard on myself and to laugh easily every day! My creative process is flowing again which brings so much joy!"

Sylvia Barsky

"NLP Marin has had a profound impact on how I understand myself and the world around me. This understanding of 'more, and also enough' underpins every interaction that I have now. The tools and tactics learned have allowed me to build strong relationships in both my personal and professional life, and also how to push for more in the most respectful way possible."

Kari McNickle

"NLP Marin training has helped me understand myself better so that I can better help my clients. It also gives me a practical and adaptable toolkit and process I can use to create the change I want, anytime I want. So cool!"

Beth Barany

"NLP Marin not only helped me grow as a person and create healthy change in my life, but it also taught me ways to help other people grow and change too. The value this training has added to my life is immeasurable. I'm forever grateful to the trainers, staff and TAs for creating a space for magic to happen."

Peter Touchard

"I'm so in love with NLP Marin so far. I have been experiencing a lot of self-reflection since starting. I've also had better conversations with my husband. It's been awesome!"

Mariska Rowell-Lehman

"NLP Marin's trainings were hands down the best investment I've ever made - in myself, my well-being, my business, and my life. I whole-heartedly recommend the trainings to anyone who is wanting to change their life for the better."


"My participation in the NLP Marin coursework has made me a happier, more authentic and more aware human being. The changes within me were subtle, yet incredibly profound and life-changing."

Marlen O.

"I use my NLP learning every day in our business, working with our employees and also with myself and out in the world. One time I helped someone decide whether to move to Seattle or stay here while I was in the checkout line at Trader Joe's by having him do an NLP exercise (future pacing)."

Diana Knight

"I was okay before, but since NLP Marin I have been far more respectful, easy going, and loving to myself and others."

Stuart Bell

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