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Carl Buchheit, Ph.D.

For over 40 years, Carl has practiced, taught, and extended the technology now known as Transformational NLP. Carl trains from the heart, backed with a brilliant intellect, insatiable curiosity, and unconventional humor. Carl continues to learn, and integrate what he learns, from everyone he encounters. His ongoing, intense private practice with clients keeps what he presents fresh and alive.

You can schedule a session with him at or by contacting his assistant at (415) 302-7429 or by email.


Carla Camou

The premise for Carla’s work is a deep respect for the individual’s experience, and a full embracing of the strength they already have, to generate new experience. The result is an elegant change that enriches the client’s precious journey called life—at work, at home, in relation to others, and in all matters of the heart.

You can schedule a session with her at


Karilee Wirthlin

Being a small business owner can be lonely as you work to be optimistic in your offerings and yet also afraid to admit it’s not all roses behind the scenes. In these tumultuous times, that worry increases. Karilee coaches small business owners in how they can build a solid business that serves both their customers and their personal needs, especially one that weathers life's ups and downs.

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Jaimie Nguyen

Jaimie is a different kind of personal growth practitioner. She helps clients remove unconscious barriers, so they can reach their potential and have a fulfilling life. Through carefully designed language and dialogue, her work is about exploring and identifying the originating experience — or source of hardship — that has prevented my clients from having the life they want.

You can schedule a complimentary consultation with Jaimie by contacting her at (415) 710-9690 or via her website


Betsy Gornet

Betsy appreciates that life is a journey of uncovering our experience more clearly and learning to choose more often what we would like, now. Listening closely, respecting the client’s experience no matter what it is, Betsy assists clients in revising outdated conscious and out-of-conscious patterns of behavior and beliefs so that the client has a greater capacity to reach for an experience of life more aligned with what they would like. Betsy is a Transformational NLP practitioner, as well as a certified/accredited professional coach for individuals and teams.

You can book a session with Betsy by emailing her at


LiYana Silver

Through a unique process that combines Transformational NLP, trauma-aware coaching, and body-based self-awareness practices, LiYana helps people heal from complex histories of eating disorders, body dysmorphia, bad breakups, and workaholism — so they feel comfortable in their skin, know their worth, are clear about their contribution to the world, feel at home in their lives, and naturally trust themselves (even with life and work’s hardest choices).

LiYana is the author of FEMININE GENIUS, offers in-person retreats and online courses, and draws from her former 10-year performing career as a contemporary dancer. She also paints, mamas, takes deep breaths, and (mostly) eats sitting down.

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