Who We Are

"The purpose of all NLP Marin classes is for everyone to have as much fun as possible while transforming their relationship with themselves, with other-selves, and with Life itself, and to prepare all of us for the experience of enduring happiness."


Our Core Values

• Removing limitations and attachment to Suffering.

• Opening doorways to possibilities and happiness.

• Letting people be who they are without being wrong for it.

• Inspiration and excitement about the future.

• Allowing the imagination to work for us, rather than against us, in the most glorious ways possible.

What We Do

We provide education and experience that support the conscious growth of everyone in our community and beyond. We are internationally known and sought-after leaders in the innovation and transmission of original, contemporary teachings and applications.

Why We Do It

NLP Marin respects and applauds the entire endeavor that is called “Being Human.” We value an unwavering, continually playful commitment to uncovering and disclosing whatever allows life to be fun and rewarding – for ourselves and everyone who chooses to participate with us.

NLP Marin offers a distinctly original, unconventional approach to teaching Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that has evolved over more than thirty years. Our courses are highly experiential. Working with each other is a lot of fun, and we do spend a lot of time laughing as we notice how normal our biggest fears are. It’s amazing how well and quickly it all works.

Embrace and Work with Life, Not Against It

We hold life and the full human experience of each person’s life with respect and appreciation. What our students learn goes beyond a series of procedures to what is most important: the powerful, self-discovered, graceful art of creating a new relationship with themselves.

Cutting Out the "Cookie-Cutter"

Most NLP taught is of the conventional (or classical) step-by-step variety of techniques. We do teach NLP techniques. But we teach them within a framework that is the absolute antithesis of "cookie cutter."


The Formulaic Approach to NLP is Incomplete

The formulaic approach to NLP is immensely useful (especially compared to not having any kind of NLP at all), but we believe it is incomplete. Our lives need to be approached holistically.

Human Lives Are Creative Wholes

No part of our life or our experience really exists separate from the wholeness of our life, and profound change-work comes only when this is recognized, honored, and worked with respectfully.

The NLP Marin Model is About People, Not Procedures

Our trainings value and integrate all your life experience and learning as the basis for the greater fulfillment that you want for yourself and others. We ground the power of the NLP toolbox in the larger, more complete context of your life.

Align with Your True Nature and Purpose

We invite you to use your training experience as a truly alive part of your living, with all that that entails. You are welcome to go as deep as you would like, and to explore your experience as profoundly as you have the interest and calling to do.


Our Training Model

Our students learn extremely useful NLP tools and NLP Marin’s unique and innovative methodology for applying them. In our trainings, you will learn the entire conventional NLP model—including significant new material that has evolved in the conventional model over the years. Each of these elements contributes to the unified, holistic approach of the experience of training at NLP Marin.


NLP and Beyond…

At least half of the material taught in NLP Marin trainings, especially at more advanced levels, is unique to NLP Marin and goes far beyond what can be learned and mastered elsewhere. Transformational NLP grounds the power of the NLP toolbox in the larger, more complete context of your life.


Essential Knowledge for Our Times

These are the perspectives and disciplines that surround and illuminate Transformational NLP that we believe are essential to more fully understand the human condition and to assist people to change in ways that they want.

All our courses are intense, rich experiences that combine self-discovery, life-discovery, and pragmatic skills development in equal measure.


Our Students

Master the Mysteries of Being Human

What we and our students all have in common is a nearly instinctive drive to more thoroughly master the mysteries and opportunities of the human experience, and a desire to be part of a community of like-minded souls in the exploration of it.

We honor what is, and we celebrate the full expression of what can and will be

Our approach invites you to deeply respect and appreciate all aspects of your life—past, present, and future.

For Life.

NLP Marin truly serves those people who want to learn to live in and work with the world more peacefully, fruitfully, and respectfully than ever before. Our courses focus on enabling you to engage in a powerful, self-discovered, graceful art of creating a new relationship with yourself.

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