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Setting "Well Formed" Goals:

How focusing on "well formed" goals will get you further toward what you want in life

… and how to break the cycle of telling yourself you just need to be more focused and work harder to achieve what you want
S.M.A.R.T. goals seem smart. Focus on what you want. Set a way to realistically measure and go forth to achieve your objective by a specific time. So, how is it that S.M.A.R.T. goals fail more often than not?

Using Transformational NLP principles, Master Transformational NLP Practitioner & one of NLP Marin’s Lead Trainers, Carla Camou, you will learn:

  •  What constitutes a "well formed" goal
  • How focusing on "well formedness" increases the likelihood of achieving your goals
  • Why setting goals that make room for how imperfect daily life is paves the way for building a series of successes that propel you toward what you want in life.

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About Transformational NLP

Transformational NLP is a unique modality of healing and change that is only offered at one place in the world, here at NLP Marin.

Transformational NLP asks, “what distinguishes someone who is getting adequate results in their particular field from someone getting truly extraordinary results in that same field? What is the difference that makes the difference?” Transformational NLP is that difference.

Most paths to success encourage you to "power through" and in so doing to turn against yourself. We know that only by aligning with yourself will your successes hold any real meaning.

While most therapeutic modalities being with, "what's wrong with you?" we focus on, "what is no longer useful?"

In attempt to help us change, many healing perspectives ask “why” an experience happened. While "why" is 
useful to a degree, Transformational NLP asks “how” an experience happened, which gives us a blueprint for how it was created in our minds and bodies and thus gives us a point to introduce change and transform our experience.

While many change methods help you "overcome fear" or "choose love instead of fear," we base our work on a deep understanding of the way the human brain works and the vital place that fear has in your ultimate well-being and ability to love wholeheartedly.

Our certification path starts with Core Competencies of Transformational NLP in either a 6-month format (Core) or a 3-month format (Intensive Training Core or ITC)). We offer a rigorous yet supportive learning environment in which our students do deep personal growth, develop wonderful relationships with themselves, and learn an unparalleled toolbox that moves them beyond run-of-the-mill capability into truly magnificent art & skill.

Thank you for your interest!
We hope you'll join us to learn more about the difference Transformational NLP has had in the lives and work of our graduates.

We invite you to learn more about NLP Marin and about getting certified in Transformational NLP.

Wishing you all good things,
NLP Marin
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