Michelle Talks about Money, Worth, and Deserving

Money Magic is a very popular, fun and highly interactive experiential process designed to resolve unconscious blocks and limitations around money, and to create conscious and unconscious patterns and habits that naturally bring about more satisfaction and success with money and finances.

People take this class again and again because of all the wonderful changes they get from it, both financially and emotionally. 

Through the course of the weekend, you will:

• Clarify what you really want from money and life
• Specify the real-world results you want from money
• Discover the most important values in your life, and how money can serve them
• Explore who you have been, and who you want to be in relationship to money
• Clear up long-standing beliefs and blocks to money
• Resolve internal conflicts with having what you need and want
• Create a compelling future that includes your conscious desires being supported by your unconscious patterning
• Anchor the results you want into your future

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