“Once you know you have choice, your life is changed. Love becomes possible in all the ways we hope for all our lives. This is a miracle.”
– Carla Camou

Facilitated by Carla Camou, Resource Mastery is a 3-day (Friday-Sunday) workshop for Masters Graduates only on the art of selecting, building, and anchoring resources during the practice of re-imprinting to create deep change that will continue to generate and grow within the client.

Students, practitioners, and coaches often take this course more than once to touch up their skill in affecting long-lasting and sustainable change for their clients.

When resources are crafted for a specific imprint experience, considering meta-programs and developmental stages, the result is deep change that will continue to generate and grow within the client.

While this workshop is focused on refining your skill as a change practitioner, all involved also can experience new deep lasting change in their own lives. Throughout the workshop, graduates will be working to positively adjust one another’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), so that their sense of self, beliefs, and behaviors become more congruent with their life’s goals and aspirations.

Key Benefits

Grow your confidence as a practitioner who can reliably work with a client to create elegant change and transformation.

Develop your unique style as a practitioner as you grow in your experience, expertise, and life wisdom.

Dissolve the confusion and self-doubt that often confronts programmers when they encounter a clients' experience they have 'no idea' how to work with.

Increased clarity about your life’s goals and desires.

Greater calm and ease in your relationships, with yourself, others in your life, and the world at large.

Deeper connection and alignment with the way you think, behave, and operate in the world.

Develop greater self-confidence about who you are and that which you do in life.

Connect with like-hearted individuals who like you, are also passionate change-workers or desiring to build and extend their change practice in the world.

Who Is This For?

This course is open to all who have graduated from the NLP Marin Masters Certification Path. That doesn't mean you must have successfully certified during the festival of integration for Masters NLP training. Furthermore, if you have already undertaken Resource Mastery, and would love to audit, this course (like many of our other courses) can be repeated year after year to reveal greater depths of learnings and distinctions. So, if you:

Want to build a NLP, coaching, or transformational practice and want to master the capacity to affect change in your clients' lives.

Want to develop and deepen your understanding of what resources are.

• Want to grow your flexibility and resourcefulness as a programmer.

• Develop greater self-confidence about who you are and that which you do in life.

• Love gaining personal change and growth in a group learning environment that celebrates the contributions of all students involved.

If that is you, we hope you join us! There will be time to practice and many interactive demonstrations!

What You Will Learn

Explore what resources are specifically, and the many forms in which they can take.

• How to access resources on your client’s map and anchor them, so you train your clients to find it themselves, and more importantly, you train them to understand how they already have the resources they need to get what they want.

• How to decode your clients’ emotions, including what functions those emotions serve, what they are communicating to you, the programmer, and how to use the information to inform what resources your client may need.

• How to reveal useful resources that have been so severely deleted, distorted, and generalized that they have seemingly “disappeared” off the client’s map.

• Apply understandings of development psychology to understand what resources will be useful for your clients, and when those resources are best used.

• Apply metaprograms to help your client integrate the changes fluidly into their lives.

How to identify the narrative that has been continuously running in your clients’ lives, and how to shift that narrative to be in greater service of their desired outcomes.

• How to build and install resources that will continue to evolve within the client.

“NLP Marin is the best NLP Program out there! The trainers are incredibly skilled and you will experience profound positive shifts in your life as a result of this work. This is one of the best investments you can make in yourself, your happiness and getting more of what you want in your life!”

Venessa Loder

Women's Leadership Expert

“I met and was trained in NLP by Carl and Michelle at a critical point in my life when I knew I needed to fundamentally change the foundation of how I learned to exist in the world so I could live the life I wanted. They made making that change easy and supported providing tremendous amounts of love. I cannot say enough great things about my experience working with them. And, I can't appreciate them enough for what they provided for me.”

Tracy Joy

PTSD Therapist

“Anyone looking to offer NLP into their change work practice would greatly benefit by going through the program. The skill set and training that I received from NLP Marin allowed me to do meaningful change work with my Clients from day one of opening my practice. It prepared me emotionally to work with my Clients on a deep emotional level. Thank you Carl and Michelle for providing me with a path that allows me to be of service to others and for changing my life!”

Tim Gallagher

MA NLP Practitioner

2024 Dates and Times

April 5-7
Offered once per year only.

10 AM – 6 PM Pacific time, USA




Live via Zoom

Registration is currently closed - please contact us for more information.

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