Practice Supervision Group

Practice Supervision Group is an eight-session guided mentorship in which you can bring in the confusing, interesting, and difficult issues you're experiencing in your clients sessions and get Carla Camou’s and Carl Buchheit's guidance on how to work those issues through. Similar to traditional supervision, but also designed so all participants can learn from each other.

PSG has a similar intent to traditional supervision that is required of therapists but our small-group format allows for all participants to learn from each other.

PSG’s goal is for you to integrate new resources, reframes, or pieces of work you haven't learned yet; get a feel for the structure of working with people over the long term; and continue to deepen your confidence and creativity as a practitioner of Transformational NLP.


What you’ll learn, explore, and be guided through in PSG

A supportive environment so you can check in, in a confidential place, about how your client sessions are going. Get new and different lines of questioning, or things to explore. And then also get to share about how it went, and receive follow up feedback.

Common themes and issues in client sessions, and then the related themes and issues that usually come alongside those. For example, if “x” comes up, you’ll know to look for “y” and “z” as well.

What to do with difficult clients, or ones that aren’t getting much perceivable change, yet they keep coming back. What to do when you're feeling hopeless but you're their last hope.

Some classes will focus on a specific theme (for example, Right to Need).

Spontaneous walking through of new resources, reframes, or pieces of work you haven't learned yet.

When it's appropriate to refer your client (or some of their issue) to someone else.

Get some structure in how to work with people over the long term. Most of our courses focus on individual pieces of change-work and how they string together into a useful session. There are some structures and important frames for how to work with clients long term. Since there is a relationship that gets built, you need to make some decisions and be aware of the power that you hold and the trust they give you, and know how to utilize it all for their good.

Explore important dynamics that are often kept out of a traditional client-therapist relationship but can be really useful in Transformational NLP client-practitioner relationships like “transference,” sharing something personal about you, working with people you know, and dealing with communications and texts outside of session.

Refinements for how you're holding the session, the client, the change-work.

How you work with a big, unrealistic outcome, and set all it up so you can build it over time.

Increase in your confidence in working with people.

How to discern between what helps build the trust between you and your client or what erodes it, what builds dependence on you or turns them back to themselves with "you can do it."

Encouragement to bring in every skill you have, no matter what it is, to enhance your creativity and resourcefulness in your sessions.

How to set each session up, so that they come back for another.

Who Is This For?

For graduates of Holo I and above, who are currently doing some kind of regular work with clients.

It is fine if you aren’t making money for your client sessions or are doing client sessions inside of regular study groups, but you’ll need to be working with clients regularly and often, rather than, for example, once a month here and there.

Limited to 20 participants.

How Practice Supervision Group will go

PSG will meet generally every other Wednesday from 4:00 - 6:00 PM Pacific time, USA, for a total of eight sessions, skipping where necessary for holidays.

  • Individual check-ins on how each person is doing/what they are wanting support with in their client sessions.
  • Carla and/or Carl will work with one (or more) client issues, and the group contributes where appropriate.
  • Everyone will get something relevant from each meeting and also benefit from the work done on others’ client issues.
  • Carla and/or Carl may review change pieces you learned in Core, Masters, and Holo, and will also offer new resources, reframes, or pieces of change-work you haven’t learned yet.
  • You’ll identify homework or things to bring into your client sessions, to keep you growing your confidence and creativity.

Live attendance and participation are expected. While all sessions will be recorded and made available for all participants, they are for review purposes only and are not a substitute for attending live.

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Nancy Painter

President of Painter Executive Search

2023 Dates and Times

March 8
March 22
April 5
April 19
May 3
May 17
May 31
June 14

Wednesday afternoons
4 – 6 PM Pacific time, USA


Limited to 20 participants


Live via Zoom

Registration is currently closed - please contact us for more information.

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