“Holographic NLP is important because it shows us how to transform our identity as reality creators and dis-creators so that this present lifetime becomes the “go-to” aspect for all of our incarnations.” -Carl Buchheit

“Holographic NLP” defines NLP Marin’s uniqueness, and is the path to Transformational NLP Practitioner Certification. As the first series of courses (I and II) that we offer for post-Masters students, the purpose of “Holo” is to accelerate everyone from the realms of amazing learning and know-how (Foundations, Core Competencies and through to Masters) all the way out to and into the domain of absolute magic.

The “Holo” class is an extraordinary experience not just because it allows students to continue to integrate everything they’ve already learned, but because this is the class where we fully move into the synergy of new material that is essential for 2012 and beyond.

In the “Holo” course, we use Masters-level, Marin-style Transformational NLP to catalyze a truly powerful integration and rapid, magical expansion of all that has come before. “Holographic NLP” is a synergistic integration of tools, presuppositions, and viewpoints drawn from NLP, NLP Marin, psychology, neuro-psychology, quantum physics, meta-physics, constellation work, ancient and modern spirituality, linguistics, neuro-physiology, morphogenics, applied epigenetics, and subtle-body energy work—all delivered through Carl’s utterly unique map of reality, lifetime of experience, and unusually twisted sense of humor.

Holographic NLP is taught by Carl Buchheit and Carla Camou, both of whom co-developed this curriculum. Holo-II is a 5-month (5 x 3-day training weekends) training program. Our teaching assistants in this class no longer operate in the conventional format you are familiar with in Core Competencies or Masters NLP training, but are given the appropriate title of Vibrational Field Wardens.

Transformational NLP Certification

Students who successfully complete Holographic II will be certified as Transformational NLP Practitioners. There is no formal testing, but there is an expectation to attend in person, participate in, and complete at least the final two weekends of this course.

Course Objectives

In Holographic NLP II, students continue to integrate all the material they have learned in Holographic NLP I, and build upon it to become practitioners who are able to elicit with specificity, the set of non-local filters that determine the fabric of reality in which our clients live in. Furthermore, Holographic II NLP students are taught and given the opportunity to be able to re-design the very fabric of reality the client lives in while preserving all the important IPOs and learnings that are contained within their existing present state. Such a maneuver challenges our students to pull together every ounce of the NLP Marin curriculum they have learned since the very beginning.

“NLP Marin has taken my understanding of human awareness and possibilities to a whole new level. Not only have I changed my old patterns and stuckness, I have also become much more connected, and compassionate with myself. It feels good not to be hard on myself and to laugh easily every day! My creative process is flowing again which brings so much joy! My relationships with the world has shifted to a much broader loving, wise, understanding, curious, confident, and encompassing connection with others as well. My clients have benefited from the work as well. It has created a much deeper connection and understanding that opens them up to explore their lives much more deeply and directly in a positive and safe way. It is wonderful to see the epiphanies light up and the excitement of experiencing new ways to overcome what has been holding them back. Everything has changed for the absolute better and I am so grateful to Carl, Michelle, Carla, and all who work so hard with beautiful open hearts, deep wisdom, humour, and vast knowledge to safely guide and teach us this wonderful work. I can't thank you enough!”

Sylvia Barsky


“Have worked with Carl Buchheit for a number of years and have found his trainings powerful and informative. His humor, kindness and intellect are unparalleled and the training is truly unlike anything else available.”

Kenya Thomas

Computer Networking Engineer and Sales Trainer

“I firmly believe that NLP Marin is the best NLP training in the world. The 'outcome frame' alone is one of the most powerful therapeutic tools ever developed and that's only scratching the surface of what's possible. Carl is basically an NLP savant and it is an honor and a privilege to get to learn directly from him. The curriculum he has amassed is nothing short of a national treasure.”

Preston Temple


2024/2025 Dates and Times

November 8-10
December 6-8
January 3-5, 2025
January 31 - February 2, 2025
February 28 - March 2, 2025

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Pacific time, USA



Recommended Text

Transformational NLP: A New Psychology
by Carl Buchheit, Ph.D. and Ellie Schamber, Ph.D.


Live via Zoom

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