Rapport with Self: Creating Secure Attachment

“Our beginning bond with our primary caregiver(s) determines our attachment style. Our attachment style is the framework from which we experience all of our relationships. This is our NLP Marin version of attachment material, and how it can be used in service to our clients and ourselves.” –Carl Buchheit

Almost nobody has a positive desire to achieve misery. Nor do people actively aspire to have negative feelings about themselves, their relationships, and others in life. But how comes it that so many of us don’t have the experience we want of ourselves and others? Furthermore, how comes it that in so many matters of the heart, people find themselves at loss, isolation, bewilderment, and in pain?


In this 6-day (2 x 3-day weekends) course, you will learn how attachment patterns impact all our relationships. Not just our intimate, familial, and professional ones, but the eternal relationship we have with ourselves. You will learn precisely how you ‘attract, select, and attach’ in all contexts requiring human connection; friends, partners, family, and colleagues.

Furthermore, through custom-designed exercises, you will experience ‘secure attachment’ first-hand, strengthening your capacity to generate a sense of security and trust from within.

Note: No NLP training is necessary to undertake this class.

For over 25 years, we have been teaching, refining, and extending our transformational body of work. Using gorgeous technologies such as NLP and Constellations, we invite you to experience what’s possible when one combines 'Attachment Theory' with the depth, power, and choice-enabling maneuvers of the Transformational NLP toolkit.

Carl Buchheit and Carla Camou (Transformational NLP trainers) will take you on an illuminating journey of self-discovery, empowering you with the timeless foundations to transform all types of relationships: professional, personal, intimate, and with Life itself.

Whoever you are, however you are— we will work with your nature and ‘what is.’ Together, we will also embrace all the wonderful possibilities you would like to manifest as you continue to master the art form of ‘Being Human.’


Do you ever wonder...

• How you repeatedly find, attract, and date the ‘wrong’ partner— even though you consciously don’t want to?

• How you consistently find challenging bosses to work for— those who are unavailable, dismissive, or emotionally hostile towards you?

• How it is that love and relationships consistently end in pain and heartbreak, no matter how much personal development or coaching you do?

• How it is that taking ‘new steps’ in any domain of your life, comes with experiences of anxiety, fear, and mistrust about the future?

• Why it is a challenge to get inspired and excited about positive outcomes in your life?

• Why it is so difficult to positively receive loving, positive gestures of ‘goodwill’ from those in your life?

• How you manage to be too busy or exhausted to spend time with the people you love, even though their company is right there for your taking?

• How it is so much easier for you to distract yourself with day-to-day activities than to sit in company of others, face-to-face, and simply enjoying ‘being together’?

• How you manage to surround yourself with good people who just aren’t as available for you as you would like?

• Why the thought of connection and intimacy feels like a threat to your independence in life?

• Why you freak out or panic when important people in your life don’t respond to your communications quickly, almost immediately?

• How you freak out or worry that someone is going to leave or betray you, even though rationally-speaking, the odds of them doing so are low?

Key Benefits

Gain the essential foundations to find and build fulfilling relationships with intimate partners, rewarding friendships, and respectful colleagues (including superiors).

Experience ‘secure attachment’ first-hand so that the self-trust and security you initially generate within you, perpetually permeates throughout all domains of your life.

Deeper connection and alignment with the way you think, behave, and operate in the world.

Increased clarity about your life’s goals and desires; personal, interpersonal, and professional.

Develop greater self-confidence and security about who you are and that which you do in life.

Connect with like-hearted individuals who, like you, are also opening new doorways to lasting, loving, connection with self and others.

Who Is This For?

Individuals looking to illuminate and transform their intimate relationship dynamics— from unpredictable and unsupported to more secure, available, and lasting.

• Parents who want to adopt this essential knowledge to position their child (children) to thrive in the world— helping them strengthen their internal secure-base.

• Working professionals seeking better job satisfaction, respect, and acknowledgment within their peer and colleague circles.

• Leaders who are looking to extend their capacity to inspire, train, and model self-leadership for their key stakeholders.

• Individuals new to NLP Marin, who haven’t undertaken a course yet and feel drawn to the work, and are looking for a transformational experience.

• An existing NLP Marin student or graduate and would like to supplement the change work you already do, and directly experience our unique approach to creating secure attachment within one’s self.

• A breathing human being who aspires to enrich any one or more area of your life … we welcome you wholeheartedly!

We invite you to join us!

What Will You Learn?

The different attachment styles — both adult attachment and childhood attachment —and how they come to be.

• Discover how your attachment styles (adult and childhood) affect your life in relationships today, both with Self and others.

• Demystify any struggles you have had to find and sustain intimate love.

• Illuminate how your specific attachment style plays out in all matters of love and human connection.

• Understand how the different attachment styles relate to one another— the common behaviors and dynamics.

• How to work with (not against) your attachment style and the attachment style’s of others, creating more secure forms of love and connection in your life.

• A comprehensive model for secure-attachment including; behaviors, core beliefs, and identity.

• Experientially lay the essential foundation for secure attachment within yourself, and continue to grow it into the future.

“My NLP training at NLP Marin has deeply expanded my ability to understand and map the terrain of people's inner landscape while lovingly helping them to guide themselves to having the life they always wanted. This NLP training has helped me do this with a level of sophistication and grace that I am so thankful for and taught us to do this while keeping their sense of empowerment in tact and strengthened.”


“If you're interested in NLP, you must try NLP Marin. It is a thorough, respectable program.”

Jess L. Roat


“Through this training, I personally have gained many insights of myself/family/professional life that has changed the directory of my life for the better.”

Bahgu Hinit

NLP Practitioner & Investor

2024 Dates and Times

6 days (2 x 3-day weekends)
September 20-22
October 18-20

10 AM - 6 PM Pacific time, USA




Live via Zoom

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