Business Mentoring Group

To continue our learning and support of each other in building our businesses, we are pleased to now offer Business Mentoring Group, the next step after participating in the foundational Business Building Group class.

Sessions will be recorded and made available to all who participate in case you have to miss a week or to have as a resource for review when needed.


Open to those who've participated in Business Building Group.

The group will follow this format in bi-weekly meetings:

Individual check-ins on how each person is doing/what they are facing right now in their business

Identifying an emerging theme (which always happens - it's amazing how the field will surface similar issues when a group meets)

Karilee will then do a bit of individual coaching with as many people as possible and everyone else contributes where appropriate (sharing personal experiences and insights that the group can benefit from)

Everyone will get something personal each meeting AND also benefit from hearing everyone else's coaching (i.e., learning from the meta position) to take with them to incorporate into their businesses.

If topics of interest emerge for deeper learning, then Karilee will create a learning module and present it at the next meeting. This may also include guest speakers!

We'll identify homework to keep you working on your business in between sessions in productive ways!

Meet your Business Mentoring Group trainer and leader, Karilee Wirthlin

As General Manager of NLP Marin, Karilee oversees and manages processes and operations across NLP Marin including finance and accounting, operations, sales and marketing, and human resources. By ensuring a strong foundation of operations, she accelerates innovative course development that brings Transformational NLP into the world.

Karilee Wirthlin

Karilee brings to NLP Marin her extensive experience in running her own Silicon Valley digital marketing consulting practice and combines that with her love of Transformational NLP. Karilee’s professional passion focuses on utilizing technology to bring people together and creating high-performing teams.

Karilee began her training at NLP Marin in 2012, became a certified Master NLP Practitioner in 2013, and became a Transformational NLP Practitioner in 2014. She’s served as a teaching assistant in the back of the room of many of our courses for several years. She also holds a BA in Computer Science from Mills College in Oakland, California. In her leisure time, she enjoys crocheting, crossword puzzles, reading, family genealogy and scrapbooking, and spending time with her two nephews.


“NLP Marin really lives up to the promise. It's truly an exceptional path of personal change for anyone wanting to shift the trajectory of their life away from pain and suffering and toward much more of what they want.”

Bill Cordingley


“I have a lot of previous training as a therapist and coach. I have an M.A. in clinical psychology, graduate of the Gestalt Institute plus additional physiological training in Reichian Therapy, neuroscience and other modalities. It wasn't until I came to Marin NLP that I had a framework to put it all together with a clear map that I could make my own. My clients would not be experiencing the progress they are making without my NLP Master's experience.”

Richard Friesen

CEO Mind Muscles Academy

“While the tools and skills I have learned through NLP Marin have been invaluable, it is the complete change in life stance, and releasing and healing my conscious and unconscious pain and patterning, and finding a deep appreciation for all the different aspects of me and my whole life journey that has been truly invaluable.”


Dates and Times

To Be Announced

Every other Monday from 10 AM – 12 PM Pacific time, USA




Live via Zoom

Registration is currently closed - please contact us for more information.

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