Beyond Judgment and Resistance:
The First Thing

The Foundational Skill for Elegantly Transforming Stuck Issues

Beyond Judgment and Resistance, taught by master trainers Carl Buchheit and Carla Camou, is a 2-day course devoted to walking you through our signature four-step "maneuver of consciousness" that almost no one knows about before they encounter Transformational NLP and is rightly described as one of the crown jewels in our curriculum.

These four steps allow you to:

  • Elegantly transform stuck issues
  • Stop shame loops
  • Ease out of judgment (of yourself and others)
  • Resolve internal resistance
  • Create your most treasured outcomes in life
  • And stabilize a relationship with yourself that is aligned and full of ease

If you ever wondered how things get so stuck and immovable in your life, and if you ever practiced the Law of Attraction or the Art of Manifestation with little to show for all your efforts, this course will illuminate how the gears haven’t clicked together quite yet and will offer you our simple yet powerful tools to intentionally create what you truly want in your life.

What You Will Learn

Our signature 4-step “maneuver of consciousness” that makes it easy and desirable to absolutely end the war with yourself

Develop your internal navigation system so you can smoothly go from problem to solution, from stuck-place to movement, from where you are in life now to where you want to be

Learn the foundational skill that is key to navigating uncertainty and stress (especially useful in times such as these!)

Find real peace with any of your shortcomings, past failures, doubts about who you really are, and fear about the future

Learn how consciousness itself operates; how it creates and stabilizes your reality

Learn to use the power of your conscious attention to “pull in” more and more of the experiences you truly desire


You can also expect to:

  • Find greater clarity about your goals and desires
  • Develop more self-confidence about who you are
  • Discover a really fun way to make choices
  • Learn how to work and communicate with people who are really different than you
  • Feel more relaxation in your body and nervous system
  • Find greater alignment with the way you think, behave, and operate in the world
  • Increase your capacity to experience happiness in your life
  • Experience more connection with others, as well as more childlike wonder, creativity, and awe

Who This Is For

This course will be a great fit for you if you:

  • Experience challenging communication with others — in your professional life, with family or with friends
  • Often get trapped in negative self-talk loops
  • Hate the “icky” feeling of being in judgment and resistance
  • Are feeling fragmented, disconnected, and would love to be in community with people who “get” you and welcome you
  • Could really use a highly-effective tool for self-care
  • Would love a full weekend to focus on a “stuck” issue or outcome you want (romantic relationships, success, career, family, personal purpose, self-image, etc) and work your way through it

No prior experience with NLP required

Although this class is great for those just beginning their journey of transformation, it is not just for beginners. It draws together all the advanced and key themes from our most advanced certification courses such as Holographic NLP.

It covers one of the crown jewels in our curriculum, offering a set of tools and a mindset shift that is absolutely foundation and elemental and upon which everything else can build.

2024 Dates and Times

November 23-24
10 AM – 6 PM Pacific time, USA




Online via Zoom


When you register for all four Rapport with Self classes, you will receive $450 discount (Full Price of the Series: $4040 / Discount Price of the Series: $3,690). The series includes:

You are only eligible for the series price when registering for all four classes at the same time (using the Series registration link below). The Series discount cannot be applied if you sign up and take all four classes individually.

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