Rapport with Self: Beyond Guilt & Innocence

“Everyone who attends will learn the life-long art of creating and sustaining rapport with themselves (and other-selves and Life itself), instead of using Innocence, as the basis of their well-being.” –Carl Buchheit

Carl Buchheit describes this course as NLP Marin’s “most important course ever.” Rapport with Self: Beyond Guilt & Innocence is a 2-day transformational experience offered once per year only. You will learn some of the most important frames you can learn this century.


In this fast-paced weekend, Carl Buchheit & Carla Camou will present their recent discoveries about belonging—covering themes of guilt, shame, innocence, and their adverse effects on our well-being. Additionally, they will offer an alternate life stance that offers a more workable space from which we can achieve and express our life’s true nature and purpose.

While this is one of NLP Marin’s newer courses, it is also a culmination of Carl’s teaching intentions for the work since he founded NLP Marin more than 25 years ago, and since he commenced practicing NLP about 40 years ago.

This represents the culmination of decades of Carl’s practice, research, and innovation in the space of personal and professional growth. With this course, NLP Marin has arrived at where it wished to have commenced.

Key Benefits

Increase your capacity to endure ever-increasing doses of happiness in your life.

Loosen the compelling and seductive restraints of guilt and innocence that distort our capacity to receive increasing amounts of “good” in life.

Dissolve the illusive veils that inhibit your capacity to connect with others in life and receive the connection that has always been there for the taking.

Experience the non-zero sum, life-enhancing stance of 'Rapport with Self' so that your relationship with self grows and flourishes regardless of what happens externally.

Enjoy copious doses of light-hearted laughter which is so characteristic of our NLP Marin courses.

Connect and collaborate with like-hearted individuals as you continue to express your precious art-form called Life.

Who Is This For?

This transformative experience is open to all, and no pre-requisites are required to undertake the course. This course is also a great start for those who are new to NLP Marin and want to experience the landscape of the unique frames of NLP Marin that distinguishes our curriculum from the rest of the market. So, whether you are:

New to NLP Marin, haven’t undertaken a course, and feel drawn to the work

An existing NLP Marin student or graduate and would like to positively supplement the change you are receiving already, and/or increase your capacity to work with others in a change-format

A long-standing NLP Marin alum, and would like to get up to speed with the new frames and formats that Carl Buchheit so inevitably innovates over the course of his continued becoming

A breathing human being who aspires to improve and gain in any one or more area of your life without feeling like someone(s), something(s), or some aspect(s) of life must lose for you to achieve it

We welcome you wholeheartedly! And, we do hope you join us.

“It has been life changing for me.”

Jeff Lehman

NLP Practitioner

“One of the best choices I made for my personal growth.”

Julie Gieseke

“If this quality of NLP training was a required course for all of us, as part of the curriculum of life, we'd all know more about what it means to be human, how to change our lives for the better, and how to get along and understand each other...I'd like to live in that world and this course feels like an important step along the way.”

Jennifer Russell

Facilitator, Speaker, and Coach

What You Will Learn

To make this happen we will deploy our usual combination of cheerful lectures, engaging small groups and mystery-dispelling mini-constellations to:

• Show what Guilt and Innocence really are and how they really affect us.

• Show why and how any relational system is doomed if it contains even one person who needs to operate from a stance of Innocence.

• How needing to be right and/or insisting on justice block love and consume hope.

• How learning to calibrate our rapport with ourselves is the easiest way to support our well-being and the well-being of anything we touch as we go through our lives.

• How 'Rapport with Self' is so much simpler than Guilt and Innocence as the basis for a non-lethal, non-self-defeating life stance.

• How "Rapport with Self" is the naturally reliable and joyful basis for ease-full, continuing learning throughout our lives--and probably after them too.


2024 Dates and Times

August 17-18
10 AM – 6 PM Pacific time, USA




Live via Zoom

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